About Us

Since 1984 our core business has been to manufacture, quality PEVs (personal electric vehicles) for personal and commercial use. We are focused on designing stylish, high quality, electric bikes and scooters that offer you a safe and convenient way of getting around. Previously theseproductswere only available through specialty dealers that charged high markups and offered little service. 

After years of manufacturing for other companies we decided to offer only our best, directly to the consumer. We eliminate the middleman to allow you to buy direct from the factory. You save loads of money and we deliver right to your home.
The Eagle One is available only through the Eaglescooter.com website or by calling the Eagle Hotline at 800-256-4481
Our History
Eagle Scooters released the Eagle One to the world.  The Eagle One has landed!!! The Highest Quality and Performance with Unmatched Styling. The Eagle One is Second to None.
This is our first product offering sold direct to the public.. We believe it is our best
Eagle Scooters began manufacturing large 2 wheel scooters for some of the largest manufactures. We supplied close to 70% of all three wheel large scooters in the United States and began laying the groundwork for the Eagle One. 
Eagle Scooters through its parent company began supplying electric scooters and motorcycles to the Canadian armed forces and the Hong Kong and Singapore Police forces. Our products are used daily under the toughest conditions
Why Choose Us

Quality has always been at the core of us, as we want our products to last while being used every day. To ensure the highest quality, we like to be in charge of the entire development and production process – from the first sketch to the final design.

We not only build the best products in the industry but we have a top notch service team ready to help. All our service call are handled by a dedicated team of technicians who are availble to answer the simplest question or to diagnose and service your Eagle One. Simply call 800-256-4481 and press Option 2 for Service.

We know that you will love your new Eagle One scooter that we have a money back guarantee with Free Returns. After 7 days if you do not love your Eagle One we will arrange for it to be picked up and returned.  Make sure you retain your original packaging. We charge a simple flat 20% return fee that covers everything.

We have been designing and building electric (PEV's) Personal Electric Vehicles longer than most scooter companies have been in business. Our years of experience and access to the latest software design tools make sure everything is perfect. We test everything multiple times before it leaves our factory to you.

Our direct from Factory sales model allows us to offer you the best pricing anywhere. In fact you cannot buy the Eagle One scooter anywhere else but through Eaglescooter.com.  Call the Eagle Hotline today at 800-256-2281